Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Are There Disadvantages with Older Bathroom Tiles?

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Traditional hard tiles are attached to fibro or brick walls with cement or rubber glue. Often they will last for several decades, which is impressive when we consider the moisture issues in bathrooms. Most materials suffer badly when continually subjected to the type of moisture and temperature changes that bathrooms are subjected to. But Tiles are one of the most resilient building materials under these trying conditions.

Occasionally traditional tiles will come off the wall. Harsh and sudden weather changes can cause problems, as can moisture inside the wall, and the tiles come loose. This is not so much a problem with the tile as it is with the adhesive that attaches the tile to the wall; the tile often stay in one piece. But because the tile is heavy it is a little difficult to keep it attached to the wall underneath.

Tiles fixed to a brick/concrete wall will do better; these can stay in place for decades under almost any condition. Tiles fixed to more flexible walls like fibro-board may fall if the wall suffer form stress of moisture. But they will last 20 years or more if the conditions are reasonably good, even in wet bathroom. Floor tiles seem to do better here than wall tiles as gravity will not cause the tile to fall off.

But if tiles do fall off it is a problem. Tiles are heavy, and can cause damage if they fall on mirrors or other objects. They will also break if they fall on a hard floor.

Peel and stick tile sheet are immune to this type of problem. While they are not as hard as ceramic tiles they are also not as heavy. And while they may come loose if exposed to extreme moisture or heat they will not cause any damage if they fall. They can also be put back into place with glue, or just be replaced with new tile sheets.

Bathroom Tiles Sydney

Peel and stick tile sheets are very versatile. They are lightweight and durable under reasonable conditions. And make for easy DIY renovations.

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