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All of us except the very rich have to stick to a budget. But this need not hold us back, because with some careful planning and judicial spending we can get some very satisfying results.

Our bathroom is more important than we realize. We really notice this when it can’t be used, and we have to spend the day unshaven or with bad hair. When we can’t have a hot shower at the end of the day we find we really miss it.

It’s nice to have the bathroom attractive as well as functional. This is not to difficult if we just want to change the elements inside the bathroom space. The expensive side of renovations is moving walls, changing plumbing and putting down floor and wall tiles.

Of course, wall tiling can be done with adhesive tiles instead of traditional ceramic. This saves a lot of time and money, and the results look very pleasing and last for years.

Other budget tips:

  • A Coat of paint. This is a huge influence on the look of the room, and the results are great if it is matched to suit the tiles. Use glossy paint, because this is water-resistant.
  • stick with the plumbing you have. Change fixtures like shower heads and taps if you need them, but keep the pipes.
  • Add mirrors to give a sense of space
  • Curtains on the window and shower add a lot to the room.
  • Have a colour-coordinated bathmat
  • Changing bench tops makes a big difference.
  • Change the lighting, considering imitation daylight or candlelight.
  • An extractor fan helps keep the air clear, even if it is not really part of the decor.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Adhesive tiles are an inexpensive and quick way to get great decor for your bathroom or kitchen walls. Find the style you like and have them postal delivered to your home.

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