Smart Tile and self adhesive stone tiles.

Caravan Tiles

Using a Smart Tile Design for Caravans

Some people will renovate a caravan as a hobby, or save some money because it is a cheaper option to renovate an older caravan than to buy a new one. One option for caravan renovations, along with curtains and some paintwork, is smart tiles.

Adhesive smart tiles are ideal for a splashback behind the stove, for tiles around the sink, or, if the caravan has one, then a bathroom. These stick-on tiles can look great, provide reasonably good water-proofing, and not cause any of the weight issues that would be unavoidable with regular tiles.

Advantages of a Smart Tile Decor

  • Adhesive tiles are very light, much lighter than ceramic tiles. This means they won’t add any real weight to the caravan, which would be an issue for fuel consumption and vehicle handling.
  • Sheets of self-adhesive tiles are not affected by movement. Where ceramic tiles would suffer cracks if the wall flexed the adhesive tiles suffer no ill effect. This makes them ideal for a moving vehicle.
  • Nothing is too permanent with wall tile stickers. The cost is minimal, and they are easy to remove. So you don’t have to get stuck with the first decision.
  • The adhesive sheets, self-adhesive stone tiles or otherwise, will be fine for stove splashbacks, being waterproof, splash resistant, and sufficiently heat-resistant for the task.
  • Tile sheets come in many styles, and many of these will complement wood-grain cupboards or plain surfaces.

Adhesive stone tiles are heavier than other adhesive tile sheets, so we do not recommend them for all areas of a caravan. Perhaps it is best to just use them for the oven splashback.

Smart Tile for Caravans

Lightweight and flexible, adhesive stone tiles are a good option for any decor, including caravans and mobile homes.

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