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Checking For Leaks Near Tiles

Tiles are often used in areas that get wet, though they are sometimes used because people like their appearance. But while tiles are more waterproof than almost any other wall of floor material there can still be occasional problems with water leaks.

Smart tiles are easier to use than traditional hard tiles with grout. They are also quite waterproof, in their own way. But there are important differences. Smart tiles are usually put over areas that have only moderate water exposure. As long as there is no preexisting leak there should not be an issue with water damage. Traditional tiles, by contrast, can be used to make floors and walls waterproof. The hard surface of the tiles is extremely waterproof providing the grout is solid and sealed.

If there is any possible leak in the bathroom or the kitchen we should have it repaired swiftly. Leaking water can cause serious damage to walls and building structures. The sooner it is removed the better.

What to Look for with traditional tiles.

  • Loose Tiles
  • Cracking grout lines
  • Calcification of the grout
  • Tiles that changed colour, different from the other tiles
  • Damage to plaster or paint near the tiled area.

What to look for with smart tiles

  • Tile sheets coming loose
  • Mould in the surrounding area (smart tiles are mould proof)
  • Damage to plaster or paint near the tiled area.

If smart tile sheets come loose because of water damage then they should be replaced with new sheets once the water issue is repaired.

Smart Tile for Kitchen Splashbacks Online

Smart tiles are an easy way to transform a bathroom or kitchen. Find the tile design you like with TicTac Tiles and enjoy the results.

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