Kitchen Wall Tiles

Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles

The Right Kitchen Wall Tiles

Wall tiles will transform the whole look of a room. Some tiles, plain and neutral colors, will have minimal impact. Other tiles can define the room, or complement the other elements already in the room.

From Subway Bricks to Damask Marble there are many tile designs to choose from. And there are a lot of decor factors that come into play, such as room layout, tile size, the surrounding decor, tile colour and the wall colour.

Feature Kitchen Wall Tiles

Feature tiles are a design approach where we use the tiles as the defining element of the room. Other elements of the room are designed around the tiles. But the tiles will be dominant, with the other elements in a supporting, often contrasting, role.

The Feature tiles might be a bold pattern, perhaps a bold colour, or a mosaic. Occasionally the feature might be the floor tiles, but more often it is kitchen wall tiles. These are choosen first, with the other elements of the room designed around them.

Presently the popular feature wall tiles for kitchens include: mosaic, subway tiles, bold colors, Moroccan tiles and natural stone tiles.

Other Ideas for Kitchen Wall Tiles

We might use wall tiles for kitchen designs that work on a tonal colour scheme. This means various shades of the same colour. Dark and light blue are a popular option.

Small tiles add a pattern and interest to a wall. If nothing else small tiles add detail to a space. Alternately, large tiles give a seamless, open, clean look to a space.

Tiles can have a very different effect with coloured grout. If the grout contrasts with the tiles (light grout on dark tiled, coloured grout on white tiles) the tile shape will be very vivid.

If we are worried about the wall tiles for kitchen designs becoming dated we can consider marble patterns or genuine stone. Even if we want to make a change after a few years we can alter the rest of the kitchen colours (repaint the walls and cupboards) while keeping the stone kitchen wall

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Adhesive smart tile sheets are the easy and effective way to redecorate the kitchen or bathroom. Options include genuine stone tiles.


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