Adhesive Stone Tiles

Decorating with Adhesive Stone Tiles

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Stone has an organic appeal that brings a natural warmth to an interior. Perhaps the only other material that achieves this is high quality timber. Both of these material have a earthy, natural charm. This is almost always more appealing than just plain colours, which can seem sterile. Some stone or timber trim, or a single wall, can combine with plain walls to achieve a pleasant earth feel.

A stone wall can make a living room more attractive, completely transforming the look of the space. This might make a room seem cold, but this can be offset with a fireplace or just some warm lights (think candle tinted).

Stonework used to be a very expensive decor option. And very difficult to install. Stones are heavy, and some building structures cannot support too much weight. Even traditional stone tiles are heavy enough to put a strain on some walls. So stonework only appeared in luxury homes.

Adhesive stone tiles change this situation. These stone tiles are fairly light and quite inexpensive. Yet they have a layer of legitimate stone. So they look like natural stone because they are made of natural (albeit thin) stone.

Adhesive tiles can be fixed to almost any clean, flat surface. There is no glue or grout required. The sheets of tiles simply attach to the wall. Align the sheets so that the pattern is consistent, and the tile sheets are straight.

Complement the new stone tile decor with matching paintwork and perhaps a rug and some curtains.

Adhesive Stone Tiles

New genuine stone tiles are the simple and effective decor option. Lightweight and easy to install they can transform kitchens, bathrooms or any part of the home.


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