Kitchen Changes

A change of décor for the kitchen is not a bad idea. This might mean reorganizing the storage space, changing the décor, or perhaps a combination of both.

Clear the Redundant Items

We all have accumulated a few food items that are out-of-date. Get rid of anything that no longer edible.

Display the Goods

Find a way to put the commonly used kitchen items in convenient places. This help you keep track of what you have and have not used, which is useful for restocking.


The most simple concept, but great for keeping a rack of herbs and spices, and differentiating decaf coffee and all the different teas.

Low down and Cool

The space near the floor is usually the coolest place (unless you have underfloor heating). Use this under cupboard space to store potatoes, onions, apples …etc.

Novel storage

Turntables for condiments, racks, corner draws, bi-fold draws, overhead hooks …etc. All these things make the best use of the available storage space.


The best décor and arrangements are wasted in poor light. Have some great lighting for the room. Consider different tints for warm candlelight or bright daylight.

Have some lights in cupboards. Led lights are cheap and use minimal power.


Many kitchens are plain white. Add some colour in the form of contact adhesive or peel and stick tiles.

Kitchen tile stickers Australia

Kitchen tile stickers can revitalize the décor of the kitchen with only minimal effort. There are cheap tiles online which are easy to order. And the range or designs is quite diverse.

Bathroom tiles stickers are also great for simple yet effective renovations.

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