Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Home design means function and style. For a kitchen this means looking after all your cooking, eating and food storage needs. And having a kitchen that looks great. Ideally a kitchen is place we are happy to spend some time in. We spend more time in the kitchen than we realize, so it makes sense to enjoy the experience.

Kitchen Wall Tiles Splashback

One easy to add aspect of kitchen design is the splashback. This is a protective surface behind the stove. Cooking on the stove inevitably produces steam and the occasional spill. This can very easily stain the wall behind the stove. But if we cover the wall with some tiles the wall is protected. Any steam and spills will easily wash off the tiles

Adhesive smart tile sheets are fine for splashbacks. As long as the wall is clean and flat the tiles will stick in place.

Decor Designs and Kitchen Wall Tiles

Even kitchen is unique, and every homeowner is different. So there needs to be many decor options for putting up tiles in the kitchen. We will want to make sure that the tiles suit the rest of the kitchen design. so we match the paint and the kitchen cupboards, maybe even the fridge and white goods, to suit the furnishings.

Faux brick – This has a rustic look, even as the bricks come in many different colors.

Diamond pattern tiles – This gives a nice pattern, neither too bare nor too complex and cluttered.

Copper Glow – A bright metallic colour that is earthy and sunny at the same time. This can combine well with jade walls and cupboards, or with stark black.

Portuguese Blue – A tile design that looks like fine porcelain, with intricate blue geometric designs. This makes for a very austere decor, clean and open.

Solid Red – If the kitchen looks dull then a bold colour like solid red can look great. A white sterile room looks much more lively with red tiles.

Stone tiles – This is a thin layer of real stone. It adds an earthy sophistication to a kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Adhesive smart tiles are easy to use. With minimal time and effort the right design can transform a kitchen or bathroom.

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