Smart Tile self adhesive stone tiles.

Natural Adhesive Stone Tile

Natural Material Smart Tiles

Natural materials like timber, stone, and leather have a lot of appeal for interior decorating. These materials have an organic, visceral appeal. Their appearance has a semi-random pattern that manages to be neither too regular to be sterile nor too random to be confusing. They also have an appealing texture. Synthetic materials often try to imitate the appearance, or semi-random patterns, of natural materials. But they are not the original material, nor do they achieve the same texture.

Some Advantages of Adhesive Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have the appeal of organic materials. When they are used for interior decorating they are a lot of prestige to a space, giving a feeling of luxury. They combine well with either other organic materials like timber or contrast well with plain, neutral surfaces.

Adhesive Stone Tiles are the less expensive alternative to solid stone. They have a genuine stone surface, yet they are lightweight and easy to install. Like all smart tiles, they simply stick in place on any flat, dry surface. So they can make any space seem prestige with their organic appeal.

Stone and timber suit many decors and climates. It is versatile. So a room that is based on stone and timber can be altered, with different elements added and removed to add variation. Such spaces can be contemporary, classic, or vintage.

Adhesive stone tiles can be used to renovate a room in a short space of time. So it is a great way to add stone surfaces to a room. This contrasts with other decors that use stone because the stone walls were a permanent part of the housing. Previously the decor was designed around a permanent stone fixture. Now the adhesive stone tiles can be added with minimal effort.

Organic Decor

We recommend other organic materials in rooms with timber and stone. Consider cane baskets and furniture, leather sofas, bamboo, rattan, plants, and natural light. These materials hold their appeal even as they age, with fading and mild damage part of the texture and appeal.

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Add some luxury and prestige to a room with genuine stone surface smart tiles. These are easy to use on any clean, flat surface.

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