Stick on Tiles

Other Uses for Stick on Tiles

Adhesive Smart Tile Sheets

Stick on tiles are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to renovate a room. They are actually faster than repainting. And they offer more options. Stick on tiles come in multiple patterns and colours. This gives very different décor effect to repainting a wall in one solid colour. The right tiles design can completely alter the look and feel of a room.


Kitchen Wall Tiles

This is perhaps the most common use of adhesive tiles. A kitchen can be effectively redecorated with stick on tiles. Find the right design and you can change the walls in an hour or two. As long as the surfaces are flat and clean there should be no problem with putting up the tile sheets.

The adhesive tiles are easy to clean and never have problems with mould. So they are ideal for kitchens with cooking steam and splashing water. We can simply wipe the tiles down every few days, and that’s all there is too it.

Peel and Stick Backsplash

Many kitchens have a Backsplash. This is a protective tiled area behind the stove, the tiles prevent the wall from cooking spills and steam. Adhesive tile sheets work quite well for Backsplashes. As long as they are not near an  hot part of the stove (the cooking elements) there should not be a problem. A 15cm space between the tiles sheets and the hot areas is quite adequate.

Other places for Stick on Tiles

Caravans and Smart Tile Sheets.

It would be impractical to use conventional tiles in caravans or motorhomes because of the weight. Yet caravans and motorhomes usually have a sink and some cooking facilities. A few have showers. Because of this this will need some waterproof surfaces. Stick on tiles are a good option here. They will keep the walls of the caravan dry and easy to clean. And can be used to create a peel and stick backsplash behind the stove.


Budget Laundry Makeover.

Most laundries have cement floors and plain walls, perhaps bare brick. This is because laundries are made to be functional rather than attractive; we don’t really entertain guests in the laundry. But if we do want to make the laundry attractive, we can use some adhesive tile sheets and get great results in just an hour or two. This combines well with new curtains and some repainting.


Bathroom Stone Tiles

Most bathrooms are already tiled. But if we want something more luxurious, we can use Bathroom Stone Tiles. Stone looks more prestige than plain tiles or painted walls. Genuine stonework is very expensive, but bathroom stone tile stickers have a thin layer of genuine stone. So they will look like solid stone, yet be quite easy to install over any flat surface.


Stick on Tiles

Adhesive tiles can be used in kitchens, bathroom, laundries and even caravans to give a whole new look to a room.






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