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Stone Tile and Decoration Concepts

Impressive looking Adhesive Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are a great new way to get an impressive looking bathroom or kitchen. Any smart tile has potential to look good. But adhesive stone tiles look far more prestige than almost any other option. This is because solid stone has always been an expensive building material, expensive to purchase and difficult to work with. Self adhesive stone tiles, on the other hand, are relatively cheap, easy to install, and look like solid stone. The realistic look comes from the fact that self adhesive stone tiles are made from real stone.

Some points when considering how to tile your bathroom, kitchen or other room:

  • What we see at eye level is important. Either tile the whole wall, or have tiles to near eye height, with a strong border where the tile meet the painted wall.
  • A strong border between the tiles and untitled surface can be a change a colour. Do not try to have tiled and paint the same colour, go for a contrast. Stone contrasts well with crème, sand, white, or some other neutral colour.
  • The tile colour can make the room seem bigger or smaller. Light tiles on walls seem to give more space to the room. This often goes well with dark tiles on the floor that help to hide dirt.
  • Mirrors also help a room look bigger. These mirrors are ubiquitous in bathrooms, so it is fine to use a larger mirror to make the room seem larger.
  • Bright light makes a room look more open. We can get this from windows, covered with curtains for privacy, or from bright electrical lights. Alternately, moderate candlelight can look good for stonework, if we like that sort of cozy appeal.
  • Because stone is organic it goes well with other earthy materials, so try a few houseplants in the room near the tiles.

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Adhesive Stone Tiles will give your bathroom or kitchen an expensive, prestige decor. Add some elegance with these easy to use tiles.

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