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Tile Kitchen Splashback

Kitchens inevitably have their shares of spills, liquid or otherwise. And even when there is nothing actually spilt the kitchen will periodically have steam or cooking fat in the air. This is why we use hard surfaces like tiles or easy to clean plastics in the kitchen. They are easily to wipe clean if there is a spill, and they won’t absorb steam, grease, smoke or anything in the kitchen air.

One place where we should definitely have some waterproof surface protection is the area behind the stove. This is one of, perhaps the most common, space that gets splattered with food and steam. If it were bare plaster or wood it would quickly get damaged by all the moisture. But a tile surface here prevents almost all moisture problems.

We can add tiles to the area behind the stove. We can simply add a splash-back. This is a large board covered with tiles that protects the wall behind it.

Peel and Stick Tile

The splash-back behind the stove probably does not have to deal with a lot of heat. Usually it just has to be grease and waterproof. So it is quite possible to use adhesive tiles to make a splash-back. Either affix the tiles to a wooden board that sits securely behind the stove, or affix the tiles directly to the wall.

Caravans will have a small stove, and this will benefit from a splash-back. Adhesive tiles are by far the best choice for this, if only because ceramic tiles are far too heavy. A neat little splash-back made of adhesive tiles will protect the caravan wall.

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Adhesive tiles area easy to order online. And they can be deliver quite cheaply by post. Find the style of tile you like and renovate your kitchen or caravan space.

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