Tile on Kitchen Wall

Tile on Kitchen Wall

Behind Tile on Kitchen Wall Situations

We can put tiles on almost any flat surface, including walls. But the weight of the tiles can be an issue. Traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles can weigh far more than we initially realize. Try lifting an entire box of tiles and you will see what we mean. The alternative is to use smart tile sheets as wall tiles for kitchen areas. These tile sheets weight far less than traditional tiles.

Smart tile sheets can be put upon almost any clean, flat surface, including older tiles. The weight of smart tiles is negligible. As such, we can redecorate our kitchen walls without fear of causing any structural problems.


Ideas Tile on Kitchen Wall

Smart tile sheets are a fairly quick and easy way to tile a wall. They are also relatively inexpensive. So anybody can redecorate a kitchen will minimal cost and effort, even when these adhesive kitchen wall tiles are combined with a few other changes, such as paint work, new curtains and lighting. The only tricky part is finding the right colours and tile design for the décor we want.

Some tile on Kitchen Wall Décor Suggestions.

Cloudy White or Neutral Tiles – These neutral colours are good for small kitchens. They open up the space, making the room appear at least a little bigger, and they blend with almost any cabinetry and appliance colours.

Golden Yellow – This gives a warm and cheerful look, especially when combined with bold black.

Portuguese Blue – A stark white tile with intricate blue geometric patterns. This fine detail can liven up a dull space.

Beige and Brown – The has a rustic yet clean look. Brown and beige checkerboard tiles work on floors or walls.

Black and White – All white can sometime work, or sometimes look sterile. Black and white can clean and bold in a kitchen of bathroom.

Stone or Terracotta – Solid stone is expensive and heavy. But adhesive stone tiles have only a thin layer of genuine stone, so the weight is moderate. This can make a kitchen look very luxurious.

Grey with Tiles – Grey is fairly neutral, and on its own it can be dull. But it combines well with stone of woodgrain surfaces. Try grey with marble benchtops, or dark stone tiles.


Stick on Tile Backsplash

The area of the wall behind the stove will suffer splashes from cooking. This is bad for plaster and gyprock walls. So people often protect the area behind the stove with a tiled surface (another alternative is glass). This is called the backsplash. Adhesive tiles are fine for a Stick on Tile backsplash. As long as the tiles are 20cm from any hot surface there should be no issue.

Tile on Kitchen Wall

Adhesive tile sheets are inexpensive and easy to use. Use stick on tiles to redecorate your kitchen for whole new look.






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