Peel And Stick Tiles

Vehicles and Tiles

Traditional tiles have been used for centuries because they are the best waterproofing option. And because the many different tile design options means there is always something that looks great.
Peel and stick tiles give us the great look of traditional hard tiles, but without all the inconvenient installation, and without all the weight. We can put them up almost anywhere in minimal time. So they prove popular for kitchen and bathroom walls.

An often over looked possibility is using adhesive tiles in vehicles. We can use a peel and stick sheet to refurnish campervans or trailers or caravans.

Vehicles have some weight restrictions. This makes traditional tiles unsuitable, at least in any quantity. But Tic Tac Tiles are super light. So they work well around kitchen sinks or bathrooms in Caravans and Recreational vehicles. And they give far more design options than plain planted wood or metal.

Tiles also work on cupboards, drawers, bedheads, splashbacks, around mirrors, ceilings, on some tables and benchtops.

Think outside the box, and include stick on tiles in your vehicle makeover designs.

Cheap tiles online
Stick on tiles are easy to order online. We deliver by post, and the tile sheets are ready to go.




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