Natural and Ordered Aesthetics

There is an appeal in the natural look of stone or woodgrain. Artificial products often imitate the semi-random patterns of woodgrain. This type of natural pattern appeals to our aesthetic senses. There can be problems without it, if things are too ‘perfect’. Part of our aesthetic sense likes order. We like structure, complementary colours, neat […]

Bathroom Décor Mistakes

A few fashion design ideas have come up recently on the internet. Hard and Cold Most fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens are cold and hard. Ceramic tiles, porcelain basins, stainless steel, stoneware table tops … the list goes on. The room will be much better balanced with some softness. Add some softness with curtains, floor […]

Cleaning Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and Stick Tile Australia Kitchen and Bathroom tiles stickers will need to be periodically cleaned, as all home surfaces need periodic cleaning. Because of the materials used for these bathroom and kitchen tile stickers the cleaning is fairly straightforward. Microfibre Cloths These are extremely useful and good for the environment. Microfibre cloth are made […]

Kitchen Painting

Kitchen Tiles Sydney A peel and stick tile sheet is a great way to renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Unlike most DIY projects these take very little time to complete. Stick-on-tile kitchen projects often take just an hour or two. And this can be enough to change the look of the room. We might like […]

Kitchen Colours

Kitchen Tile Stickers Australia Tic Tac Tiles are often used in the kitchen. They’re great for changing the décor. By choosing the right colour schemes, by matching paintwork, benchtops, cupboards and the new peel and stick tile design you can have a great looking kitchen. Black White and Grey This might seem uncolourful, but this […]

Black and White Sticker tiles

Kitchen Tile Stickers Australia The strong contrast provided with a black and white décor works well in many situations. This is quite a modern style choice, yet it is achieved with a colour scheme that is straightforward and almost old-fashioned. Black and white décor is a good choice for tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. Think […]

The Other Tiles Problem

Bathroom Tile stickers have many advantages over more conventional tiles. Mistakes and limitations with regular tiles often don’t apply. Not having a budget for your Tiling Ceramic tiles aren’t super expensive, but they aren’t free either. And sometimes we live with the frustration of knowing that the ceramic tiles we would have preferred in our […]

Sticky Misconceptions

Adhesive flooring and Tiling are a little misunderstood and a little underestimated. These are versatile home décor options, but some people have a few misconceptions about Adhesive materials. Misconception #1 Adhesive Backing Does not stick well Good quality adhesive tiles stick on very well to any clean surface. As long as all grease and dust […]