Kitchen Changes

A change of décor for the kitchen is not a bad idea. This might mean reorganizing the storage space, changing the décor, or perhaps a combination of both. Clear the Redundant Items We all have accumulated a few food items that are out-of-date. Get rid of anything that no longer edible. Display the Goods Find […]

Consider Stick On Tiles

Consider Stick On Tiles   Stick on tiles are both a great alternative to conventional tiles and a great decoration idea in their own right. Conventional tiles require considerable effort to install. They must be attached (often individually) with adhesive and have their gaps filled with grouting. This is a time consuming process, requiring skill […]

Bathroom Tile Stickers

Bathroom tile stickers Australia Bathrooms are usually tiled because traditional tiles are waterproof. But an alternative to traditional tiles is bathroom tile stickers. These easy to apply adhesive tiles are ideal for bathroom walls, being waterproof, resistant to bacteria and mould, and available in many style and colours. Bathroom tile stickers can be used on […]

Kitchen Tile Stickers

Kitchen Tile Stickers Australia It is easy to give the kitchen a facelift with kitchen tile stickers. These adhesive tiles can be applied without the need for tools, without any fancy preparation. Peel and stick tile sheets can be used on most flat surfaces, providing a neat, clean finish that looks like ceramic tiles. Kitchen […]

Advantages of Kitchen Tile Stickers

Hard tiles have their uses. In fact we think they are the best choice for bathroom floors and one of the better choices for kitchen flooring. But adhesive tiles are also very good for many circumstances. They have many advantages Installation Ceramic and other hard tiles are a major installation job, with most people paying […]

Small Storage

Kitchen tiles Sydney We tend to store a lot of food and equipment in our kitchens. At the same time we don’t want the kitchen space cluttered. So it helps to have a few trick to get all everything neatly stored while still having plenty of bench space. And with Cheap Tiles Online it can […]

Add Some Class to the Kitchen

Style décor and kitchen tiles Sydney We would all prefer a stylish kitchen to a plain one, at least if it doesn’t compromise functionality. But we might be deterred by the perceived expense or effort. Yet it is possible to make some straight forward yet effective changes to the kitchen we have, all with a […]

Kitchen Mould and Mildew

Mould is a type of fungus that will grow in many situations that have a least some moisture. There are actually many different types of mould, and most dust and air contains spores of at least a few kinds. The spores will settle and grow in any suitable situation. It is common to see mould […]

Easy Kitchen DIY Projects

A lot of us would like a new kitchen, but we know the cost would be considerable, if not totally out of our budget. But we can usually do some DIY projects that change the look of our kitchen facilities, and maybe add some storage space in the process. Some easy renovations are =: Add […]

Glossy Photos without the Shine

Renovations to Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles Sydney Some of us like to take ‘before and after’ photos of our renovations. It seems to make our renovation efforts even more worthwhile when we can show other people what we have achieved. And these days the before and after photos often end up on Facebook. Unfortunately, some […]