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Tile Kitchen Splashback

Kitchens inevitably have their shares of spills, liquid or otherwise. And even when there is nothing actually spilt the kitchen will periodically have steam or cooking fat in the air. This is why we use hard surfaces like tiles or easy to clean plastics in the kitchen. They are easily to wipe clean if there […]

Stick on Kitchen Tiles

Advantages of Adhesive Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Sydney Tic Tac adhesive Tiles have many advantages over wall tiles. Tic Tac adhesive tiles are quick to install. You can do a wall in an hour or two. Adhesvie tiles do not require any complex tools. You just need a cutting tool like a knife or a pair of scissors, and a […]

Peel and Stick Tile

Changing the Home

Peel and Stick Tile Tiles create a hard and shiny surface. We may not think at first that this would lend itself to a cozy home. But the right tiles can look very cozy if they are deliberately chosen to complement the rest of the decor. And as there are tiles with so many patterns […]

Kitchen Tiles Sydney

Minimalism Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles Sydney Any room that has tiles often emphasizes functionality, as well as waterproofing. Bathrooms and kitchens are these because we need to shower and prepare meals. But while this makes tiles almost mandatory there is not reason why can’t be stylish as well. The right tile design can look great, and the functionality […]

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Dark and Light Kitchen

The space we have in a room can always be enhanced with some good design options. This means both practical use of space, like finding clever storage options, and the right colours scheme to make the space look open and bright. Kitchen Tiles Sydney Dark and light colours contrasts can do wonders for any space. […]

Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations Sydney The bathroom is often the first room we step into after we wake in the morning. And often the place where we unwind at the end of the day. A hot shower in a private space is something many of us appreciate. Having an attractive looking bathroom is part of this experience. […]

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Kitchen Renovations Sydney Some home renovations require a great deal of time and effort, probably with outside contractors. But it is possible to give a kitchen a facelift with some paintwork, some adhesive tiles, and perhaps a few new shelves of cupboards. A makeover for the kitchen can work well if we find the right […]

bathroom wall tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles Bathroom tiles Sydney is a good topic to study if you are renovating your bathroom. In this content we will give you some important info about installing bathroom tiles. Installing Tic Tac Tiles Is Easy  No need for complicated tools, no heavy lifting, and no mess. All you need is a pair […]

kitchen renovations sydney

kitchen Renovations Sydney

Here’s my kitchen renovations Sydney story…. You don’t like the way your kitchen looks. Messy, drab, no character, no colour, so ordinary. That’s your kitchen. You sit at the corner, face serious and brooding. You look at it once again and you say, there’s got to be somethings I can do to turn things around! […]

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations can be very easy with Tic Tac Tile. Even a 10 year old boy can do this. It’s as easy as that. Do you want to delve on kitchen renovations? Let’s then go to Tic Tac Tiles. They have the best tiles in Sydney. For avid cooks, seasoned hosts, and busy families, the […]