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Kitchen Tiles and Splashback

Kitchen Splashback Tiles for Home Decor The atmosphere in a kitchen varies from hectic cooking on some occasions,  to serene conversations over coffee at other times. But if there are people in the kitchen then there will be steam from cooking, splattered oil from frying, or the occasional spilled drink. So kitchen surfaces are made […]

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Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles

Consider Kitchen Splashbacks Tiles Almost all of us have some tiles in the kitchen. They are common on floors and walls, around sinks and near anywhere that is exposed to water. The reason for this is obvious – tiles are highly waterproof, and while there are other waterproof materials few offer all the advantages of […]

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Smart Tile Decor Ideas

What is a Smart Tile? Almost every home has tiles in at least one room, usually the bathroom and kitchen, perhaps on a Spa. Tiles are ideal for any area that gets wet, and because of the colours and designs available, there are always good decor options. The downside of tiles is that they are […]

Kitchen Tile Stickers

Kitchen Tiles Splashback

Kitchen Tile Stickers We can use smart tile sheets to great effect in the Kitchen. These are the easiest way to makeover a kitchen, or to add a peel and stick splashback behind the stove. Almost all kitchens use tiles. This is because traditional tiles are ideal for wet areas. We could use sealed stone […]

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Makeover Kitchen Tile Stickers

Renovate Cheaply with Kitchen Tile Stickers While most renovations require considerable time and effort, not to mention planning, there are ways to sometimes make things cheaper and easier. And if well planned the results can be quite effective. Kitchens usually are one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. It depends on the changes we […]

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Smart Tiles in Smart Places

Where to use a Smart Tile in Your Home Few of us can afford a major renovation, at least not more than once in a lifetime. Some of us cannot really renovate because we live in rented accommodation. So what do we do if we want to make a decor change? We can change furnishings […]

Kitchen Tile Stickers

Kitchen Tile Stickers For Stoves and Cleaning

  Advantages of Kitchen Tile Stickers There are many great advantages to using adhesive kitchen tile stickers. One reason is the ease of installation. Another is that they are so easy to clean. We are all aware of how difficult it is to install ceramic and other traditional tiles. They are labour-intensive, and require messy […]

Kitchen Tile Stickers

Reasons to Use Kitchen Tile Stickers

Adhesive tiles are the modern way to renovate a room. They have many advantages of conventional tiles, and even over painting or wallpaper. Advantages of Kitchen Tile Stickers They Are Fine for Temporary Changes – Have you ever rented an apartment and hated the ugly tiles in the bathroom or kitchen? The problem is you […]

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Natural Adhesive Stone Tile

Natural Material Smart Tiles Natural materials like timber, stone, and leather have a lot of appeal for interior decorating. These materials have an organic, visceral appeal. Their appearance has a semi-random pattern that manages to be neither too regular to be sterile nor too random to be confusing. They also have an appealing texture. Synthetic […]

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Stone Tile and Decoration Concepts

Impressive looking Adhesive Stone Tiles Stone tiles are a great new way to get an impressive looking bathroom or kitchen. Any smart tile has potential to look good. But adhesive stone tiles look far more prestige than almost any other option. This is because solid stone has always been an expensive building material, expensive to […]