Kitchen Tile Stickers

Reasons to Use Kitchen Tile Stickers

Adhesive tiles are the modern way to renovate a room. They have many advantages of conventional tiles, and even over painting or wallpaper. Advantages of Kitchen Tile Stickers They Are Fine for Temporary Changes – Have you ever rented an apartment and hated the ugly tiles in the bathroom or kitchen? The problem is you […]

Smart Tile self adhesive stone tiles.

Natural Adhesive Stone Tile

Natural Material Smart Tiles Natural materials like timber, stone, and leather have a lot of appeal for interior decorating. These materials have an organic, visceral appeal. Their appearance has a semi-random pattern that manages to be neither too regular to be sterile nor too random to be confusing. They also have an appealing texture. Synthetic […]

Adhesive Stone Tiles smart tile

Stone Tile and Decoration Concepts

Impressive looking Adhesive Stone Tiles Stone tiles are a great new way to get an impressive looking bathroom or kitchen. Any smart tile has potential to look good. But adhesive stone tiles look far more prestige than almost any other option. This is because solid stone has always been an expensive building material, expensive to […]

Smart Tile and self adhesive stone tiles.

Caravan Tiles

Using a Smart Tile Design for Caravans Some people will renovate a caravan as a hobby, or save some money because it is a cheaper option to renovate an older caravan than to buy a new one. One option for caravan renovations, along with curtains and some paintwork, is smart tiles. Adhesive smart tiles are […]

smart tile adhesive stone tiles

Why Use a Smart Tile ?

Smart Tile Tiles are popular enough to be used in at least one or two rooms of any house. They are the best solution for wet areas, being more attractive than concrete and more waterproof than wood or plaster. So we find that we have tiles in almost all bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes laundries. But […]

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Decorating with Adhesive Stone Tiles

Adhesive Stone Tiles Stone has an organic appeal that brings a natural warmth to an interior. Perhaps the only other material that achieves this is high quality timber. Both of these material have a earthy, natural charm. This is almost always more appealing than just plain colours, which can seem sterile. Some stone or timber […]

Adhesive Stone Tiles Smart Tile

Kitchen Makeovers

More than a few of us have a few home renovations that we never seem to get around to starting. Part of this may be procrastination, it does take time and effort. But we may end up deferring the renovations because they tend to be expensive. We might start a project if there was either […]

Adhesive Stone Tiles Self Adhesive Floor Tiles

Adhesive Stone Tiles

Adhesive Stone Tiles Stone looks impressive in any decor. It has an expensive look that almost no other material can match, and would be used more often were it not for the price. But a viable alternative is artificial stone tiling Adhesive Stone Tiles look like stone, and even have some 3D texture. But they […]

Smart Tile

Checking For Leaks Near Tiles

Tiles are often used in areas that get wet, though they are sometimes used because people like their appearance. But while tiles are more waterproof than almost any other wall of floor material there can still be occasional problems with water leaks. Smart tiles are easier to use than traditional hard tiles with grout. They […]

smart tile Peel and stick tile self adhesive floor tiles

Kitchen Updates with Smart Tiles?

What is a Smart Tile? Smart tiles are the easy alternative to traditional ‘hard tile and grout’ wall tiles. Smart tiles are peel and stick tiles. They come in 30 cm square sheets that stick straight to the wall. They are easy to use and attach to almost any clean, dry flat surface. Mostly these […]